Commercial Roofing: Risks, Challenges and Proper Maintenance

The Cutting Edge Roofing | Posted on January 31, 2014

Common or unexpected, commercial roof problems are always a major problem and a significant expense. Addressing business owners and facility professionals, this infographic examines the top most common issues of commercial roofing, also looking at causes of failure, future risks and effective maintenance management. Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): Courtesy of: The Cutting Edge Roofing

How to Build and Bait Wasp Traps for Your Home

Guest Author | Posted on December 31, 2013

Wasps may be naturally docile creatures, but once they feel their nest is in danger they can become very aggravated and dangerous. If you have noticed wasps flying around your home, there most likely is a nest of them nearby that they will die to protect. In this scenario, it is recommended to contact a professional pest management company to ensure the safe and effective removal of wasps in or around your home. However, there are a number of do-it-yourself …

Local Heroes: Roofs That Can Stand Up to Toronto Winters

The Cutting Edge Roofing | Posted on December 12, 2013

Heads up, Toronto. Old Man Winter is heading your way, and he’s got temperatures in the teens, lashing winds – courtesy of Lake Ontario – sheets of freezing rain, ice storms, and several feet of snow for you in his bag of seasonal tricks. Of course, if you have a professionally-installed, properly-insulated, well-maintained roof, you can thumb your nose at Old Man Winter from the comfort of your cozy house. But if your roof features curling, cracked or missing shingles, …

Rooftop Gardens: Green Roofs for Private Residences

The Cutting Edge Roofing | Posted on December 5, 2013

The pleasing fragrance of a fir tree, the play of sunlight on leaves, the sight of greenery silhouetted against a blue sky, the calling of birds….medical researchers say that these natural sights, sounds and scents can slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and lift your mood. There’s no doubt that verdant green spaces, no matter how modest, enhance quality of life. And this holds true whether the natural area is at ground level or atop a roof 20 …

How to Tell If Your Roof Is Damaged

The Cutting Edge Roofing | Posted on October 27, 2013

How often do you look at your roof … for many people, it’s out of sight out of mind. You don’t even think about your roof until water starts pouring in from your ceiling! But having your roof inspected professionally and doing roof repairs along the way can save you a lot of money in the long run. To check if your roof is damaged, you can start out in the attic with a flashlight. Is the roof sagging? Is …

Twelve Hot Tips for Winterizing Your Home

The Cutting Edge Roofing | Posted on October 21, 2013

Although Fall has just begun, it won’t be long before the winter of Toronto is upon us. You may have gotten your coat out of moth balls, but have you turned your attention to your house? The ice, snow and cold temperatures can play havoc on your house in addition to increasing your heating bills. Here are some tips to help you keep warmer without turning up the heat this winter: 1. Roofing First, look to see if there is …

When Chimneys Start to Crumble: An Introduction to Chimney Repointing

The Cutting Edge Roofing | Posted on July 3, 2013

If you start to notice your chimney looking a little off-kilter or the bricks looking a little loose, it’s not because Santa Claus wedged himself in there too tightly last Christmas. Because the mortar in between chimney bricks is exposed to the elements, over time, it starts to crumble, which can cause moisture to seep into the structure and eventually lead to collapse or the need to replace the structure. To avoid serious structural damage, if you notice that your …

Glazing Techniques for Skylights

The Cutting Edge Roofing | Posted on June 15, 2013

If you are considering getting skylights on your Toronto home, you have no doubt researched the different styles available to you. One thing you may not have considered, however, is the glazing technique used on the glass. Skylights can be glazed with plastic or glass in single, double, or triple layers. The type of glazing you get on your skylights will influence their weight, cost, durability, and energy efficiency. Plastic glazed skylights in Toronto are generally more lightweight and inexpensive …

Soffits and Fascias: Two Overlooked Sections of Your Roof

The Cutting Edge Roofing | Posted on June 4, 2013

When you think about maintaining your roof, you probably think about the basic structure, shingles, and eavestroughs. But there are two important elements to any roof that you might not think about – the soffits and fascias – and damage to any one of these elements can cause serious problems for your home. Soffits are the pieces that go on the underside of the eaves, protecting the house from leaks, decay, condensation, or animal infestation. They are also aesthetically pleasing, …

Ice Dams a Common Roofing Problem in Toronto Winters

The Cutting Edge Roofing | Posted on May 21, 2013

When you live in Toronto, you are no stranger to ice and snow. Unfortunately, you may also be highly familiar with the ice dams that cause you to need roofing repair from an experienced Toronto company. Ice dams are ridges of ice that form along the bottom roofline and keep melting snow from dripping off the roof. Instead, the ice backs up along the roof towards the ridge, causing water to become trapped between the ice at the bottom of …

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