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Animal Damage Roof Repair

We all agree that birds, raccoons and squirrels are cute. Mosquitoes, skunks, muskrats and bats? Not so cute! They have their time and their place. Where they don’t belong is on your Toronto roof, causing damages with their teeth, droppings and nests! Here are some of the damages animals can do to your Toronto roof:
  • Any small animal can get into your attic or crawl space and make themselves right at home. We always check the exposed wiring, because rodents, such as mice, squirrels and rats chew on wires to keep their constantly growing teeth short and sharp. You’ve heard the term “roof rats”? They love to take refuge in your attic, but will nest in shrubs, trees, garbage or other places.
  • Animals can tear open soffits, peel back siding or tear down shingles. We often look for animal tracks and claw marks on the roof to see if an animal is coming and going. Often we can find an entry hole or the tell tale signs of the grey to black “slick” left by animal body oils as they repeatedly enter and exit a building.
  • Often animals will use tree branches, trim, downspouts and trellises as escape hatches to get to and from a roof.
  • Gutter lines and the interface between fascia boards and roof sheathing are prime locations for animal entry and damage.
  • Roof vents and attic fans can be damaged or even torn off by determined wild bird and animal invaders.
  • Chimneys and vents are a great way for animals to get in and out of the house.
  • Birds love to nest in dormers and gutters, which is why we recommend gutter cleaning annually.
At The Cutting Edge Roofing, we love animals – just not on your roof or where they don’t belong! However, our 20 years in the roofing business has taught us that animal damage roof repair is just part of the job.
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