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Homeowners in Toronto: Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

At The Cutting Edge Roofing, our commitment to Toronto homes, businesses, and our community as a whole is reflected in our commitment to quality work at affordable prices. The first step in ensuring affordability is performing a thorough assessment and making an honest recommendation regarding whether a roof needs to be repaired or replaced. It is through years of hands-on experience that our Toronto roof repair professionals have learned to distinguish the difference, and it is by our commitment to working on behalf of our customers that we take into consideration the aesthetic and structural quality of your roof when making a recommendation. Bear in mind that a roof inspection should be conducted annually to keep your commercial or residential property as beautiful as possible for as little expense as possible. Besides the quick math that tells us that roofing repair in Toronto is cheaper than a roof replacement is the fact that repairs often introduce new materials and techniques into the makeup of your current structure. As such, these roof repairs will not only to fit in with the look of your existing roof, but will aid in the overall function of water shedding and precipitation defense. Ultimately, roof repairs should outlast the roof into which they are incorporated, which means an exceedingly durable roof at less cost than full roof replacement.

Things We Consider When Assessing the Need for Roof Repairs in Toronto

There are three things to evaluate when assessing the best solution for your roof:
  1. The age of the roof
  2. The frequency that roof repairs are required
  3. The degree of protection that the roof currently offers
The task is to calculate how long a roof has been there (and how many more years it has left), how frequently certain repairs have been made, and how well the roof is fulfilling its job and how long it will continue to do so. If your roof is more than 10 years old, its shingles are probably worn down. And if your shingles are worn down, they’re not doing their job, which means that moisture is more apt to ruin the sheathing beneath it, necessitating the replacement of the entire roof. Often times, however, only a few shingles in a few key areas need to be replaced. The problem with this arises if this operation has been done on multiple occasions, which could mean that moisture has gotten into a place where it is more difficult to see: the sheathing layer beneath it, your crawlspace, or even your living or business space. If these sorts of roofing repairs have been done over and over again to enough of the surface of your roof, you may be in need of a total roof replacement.

Few Investments are as Critical as the Roof Over Your Head

Once the determination has been made to replace your roof, the logic that went into deciding on whether or not to repair it is superseded, as is the thought of inexpensive alternatives. Now, the primary objective is to get the highest quality roof you can afford because the higher the quality, the longer the roof lasts, and a long-lasting investment is a smart investment, especially when that investment protects your business or living space. The Cutting Edge Roofing hangs our reputation on reliability and honesty, and equally important, our superior level of craftsmanship. We employ roofing repair techniques that surpass most of our Toronto roofing peers, and the only thing that exceeds our experience and skill in roof repair is our passion for satisfied customers. After all, word of mouth is the foundation of our business, so we strive to always be in the good graces of our Toronto customers.

Call The Cutting Edge Roofing for Premier Roof Repair for Your Toronto Home or Business

If you need residential or commercial roofing repair in Toronto, contact The Cutting Edge Roofing. Find out how our local, family-owned company—now with more than 26 years in the business—started out as a small Toronto residential roofer to become a highly recommended, full-service roofing contractor throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We are pleased to offer a wide range of roofing services, including installation, repair, skylights, caulking, fixing ventilation, and even installing siding. For more information or to request an estimate, call us at 416-607-6376 or fill out our online form, and we will contact you promptly. Serving Oshawa, Ajax, Mississauga and York.
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