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A chimney s an integral part of your Toronto roof and another one of our roofing checkpoints when we are assessing the condition of your roof. ­You rely on your chimney to channel smoke up and out, but when the chimney's outside or inside walls crack, you may have serious problems. Toronto chimney pointing is another service The Cutting Edge Roofing performs.

What is chimney repointing?

Is your chimney mortar crumbling? Chimney repointing is the process of removing degraded mortar from the joints of a masonry chimney and replacing it with new mortar. If done well, the chimney's structure will be strengthened and its lifetime extended. If done incorrectly, the chimney's structure will be compromised and its appearance will be marred. When a chimney's mortar is cracking, missing, or deteriorating, chimney repointing will need to be done. If you wait too long, water from the outside will penetrate the chimney's wall. As the water undergoes freeze-thaw cycles over an extended period, it expands and contracts, leading to the deterioration of the masonry. The water can also facilitate the process of efflorescence in which salts are crystallized and cause the masonry to degrade as a consequence. If the salts crystallize beneath the chimney masonry's surface, the process is called sub-efflorescence or crypto-florescence. All the mortar in most cases does not need to be removed during the repointing process, although most people do so for the aesthetics. At The Cutting Edge Roofing, we will match the new mortar color and texture to the existing mortar to tie them in. Additionally, it is critical that the correct mortar mix is used as most chimneys need a specific custom mix that is designed for their masonry units. This mix should be designed and customized by knowledgeable and experienced chimney specialists such as The Cutting Edge roofing.

We provide Toronto chimney repointing for:

  • Home Owner Associations
  • Property Management Companies
  • Insurance Claim Adjustors
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • HVAC Contractors
  • Home Owners
  • Historic Preservation Associations
  • Home Inspectors
  • Realtors
Another issue that could erode your chimney is chimney flashing. Chimney flashing is found at the base of a chimney which enters the roof. Quite frequently, the flashing is made of lead and thus is subject to being pulled away from the chimney. When this occurs, rain water is able to pass behind the flashing and seep into the space, usually an attic, just below the roof. When a chimney is repointed or rebuilt, the flashing is frequently repaired at the same time. Chimney repointing is critical to maintaining a chimney. Oftentimes, only a portion of the chimney needs repointing while the remainder remains in good condition. Without it, a chimney will degrade and break down before its time. If you need Toronto chimney repair or Toronto chimney repointing, call the experts at The Cutting Edge Roofing.
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