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Are you interested in a Toronto flat roof?

When choosing what type of roof to put on your Toronto home or office, there are many choices. There are different roof types with unique characteristics such as a gable (which is triangular in shape), a mansard (found in many French houses), a shed (which allows rain or snow to run off easily) or even roofs with a combination of two or more designs. There are also different roofing materials – wood shingle, composite, asphalt, metal and copper. At The Cutting Edge Roofing, we will work with you to decide what roof best meets your needs and budget, whether it is a residential roof or a commercial roof.

A flat roof is generally horizontal or nearly horizontal. Most people are unaware that even though the name of the roof is a "flat roof," it is not 100 percent flat. Flat roofs have a very small, almost unnoticeable slope that assists in draining water off the roof that accumulates during a rain storm. This helps to prevent roof leaks.

What type of flat roofs does The Cutting Edge install?

  • Polyglass
  • Rubber torch down
  • NIS
  • 4 ply asphalt roofing
  • 4 ply tar and gravel
  • Environmental roofs

Basically a flat roofing material is a base material with some coating on it. A tar and gravel roof will have layers of asphalt and tar paper that are attached to the roof with a hot asphalt application. They are covered with gravel to hold them down and prevent penetration from the suns UV rays.

There are other forms of flat roof applications that may be made from PVC or other plastic forms. They may also be modified bitumen. This is a roof covering composed of a factory fabricated sheet with copolymer modified bitumen. And bitumen is a mixture of hydrocarbons and others that are natural or derived from coal or petroleum and are a component of asphalt and tar.

An environmental roof or “green roof” is basically a roof covered with a protective covering, a planting medium and then vegetation.

What are the advantages of flat roofs?

  • Flat roofs are easy to maintain, clean and inspect.
  • Flat roofs have great accessibility if repairs need to be made.
  • Flat roofs keep homes cooler in the summer, thus cutting down on energy bills.
  • Flat roofs save space. With sloping roofs, space can be lost due to beams holding up the roof which creates dead space. These areas cannot be used in any fashion.
  • Flat roofs are generally less expensive, because of lower material prices.
  • Flat roofs can have certain decorative touches like a terrace garden.

Although flat roofs generally last longer, the longevity of a flat roof depends on how well the homeowner or business owner maintains it. Heat and water cause most problems that require roof repair. Flat roofs should be inspected at least twice a year for heat and water damage.

Re-tar, Not Re-Roof

If we find cracks and bumps all over the roof, many times we can extend the life of the roof with a two-step roof repair. Flat roofs often just need a new layer of roofing tar rather than a whole new surface. You can also add reflective aluminum paint, which helps the roof absorb less summer heat. The building will be more comfortable, and the roof will be under less stress, so it is less likely to crack.

The best defense against leaks is a good, early offense with preventative roof repairs. At The Cutting Edge Roofing, there is no Toronto flat roof repair that is too small!

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