Soffits and Fascias: Two Overlooked Sections of Your Roof

Soffits and Fascias: Two Overlooked Sections of Your Roof

When you think about maintaining your roof, you probably think about the basic structure, shingles, and eavestroughs. But there are two important elements to any roof that you might not think about – the soffits and fascias – and damage to any one of these elements can cause serious problems for your home. Soffits are the pieces that go on the underside of the eaves, protecting the house from leaks, decay, condensation, or animal infestation. They are also aesthetically pleasing, creating a finished look for the roofing on your Toronto home. Fascias are long boards that run underneath the roof which hold the eavestroughs and direct dripping rain water away from the house. It also gives a finished look to your roof.

When something goes wrong with your soffits or fascias, it is important to call experts on roofing in Toronto right away, since letting it go can only cause further damage to your home. Rotting, ice dams, animal damage, and malfunctioning eavestroughs are all common problem for both soffits and fascias. Additionally, fascias can be damaged by poor paintwork or sealing, cracked shingles, the wrong choice of wood, and leaks in the eavestroughs. At The Cutting Edge Roofing, our Toronto roofing experts have the knowledge and equipment necessary to replace your soffits and fascias quickly and effectively. We also know how to deal with complications such as heights, lead based paint, and asbestos in the eaves. We will even remove your old soffits and fascias and take them to an off-site disposal area. Essentially, we do everything in our power to provide efficient, effective, and quality service with no hassle to you.

If you need expert roofing in Toronto, contact The Cutting Edge Roofing Company, a family-owned contractor with more than 26 years in the business. In addition to repairs, we also clean and install eavestroughs. Because we are a full-service company, we are proud to offer a wide range of roofing services, including installation, repair, skylights, caulking, fixing ventilation, and even installing siding. For more information or to request an estimate, call us at 416-607-6376 (Toronto) or 905.686.9977 (Durham) or visit our website at

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